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Kesla Forestry Equipment is the latest franchise to join Ross Agri Services

1st Jul 2022

Ross Agri Services & Kesla have joined forces to offer the full range of forestry equipment from all depots. The range includes forest trailers, forest cranes, harvestor heads, chippers & grapples. We are to be showing a Forest trailer &...

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Tigo Forage Wagon

20th May 2021

Contact our sales team for more information on a Tigo Forage Wagon demonstration. Craig Walker - River Tay North - 07718 425010 Chris McPherson - Moray & Highlands - 07760 757262 Kirsty Morton - Turriff East - 07809 746838

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Väderstad introduces new conical MixIn shins

23rd Apr 2021

Väderstad introduces new conical MixIn shins The new MixIn shins have a conical shape, with a wider top and narrower bottom which gives several extra advantages in field. Väderstad’s unique MixIn shin come...

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Fendt 942 out on demo - call to book

22nd Apr 2021

Ben had some cracking views up in the Black Isle yesterday with our demo Fendt 942 - see the video below. Contact us to arrange your demo.

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Fendt 724 and Shelbourne Reynolds dung spreader demo

14th Apr 2021

Fendt 724 out today with the Shelbourne Reynolds dung spreader near Montrose. What a spread pattern! Spreads up to 20m.

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Vaderstad Rollers Delivery

9th Apr 2021

New set of Vaderstad Rollers being delivered today, to their new home.

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Shelbourne Reynolds PowerSpreader out on demo

8th Apr 2021

Shelbourne Reynolds PowerSpreader Pro 2300, demo out today spreading pig slurry. Good even application on the ground. The Powerspread Pro 2300 has the capacity of 2300 gallons (10.5m³) and available in the short wheelbase format. The horsepower requirement is from 110hp. The...

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Vaderstad 3 3 metre Drills Campaign

7th Apr 2021

We are very pleased to announce our 3 metre Drills Campaign for Rapid 300S, Rapid 300C and Spirit R 300S. Learn more here: Contact our sales team for more information.

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